Gnocchi alla sorrentina

Cheesy-tomatoey-goodness makes this dish the perfect easy comfort food.  Perfect, quick and easy.

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Marrying an Italian : The legal stuff

As Shakespeare famously wrote, “The course of true love never did run smooth,” and never has this been truer if you are a foreigner who wants to marry an Italian in Italy.  During this process you will bear witness to Italian bureaucracy at its finest and will probably argue with your partner more than if you were constructing flat-pack furniture! So to help here is my ultimate guide of what you need to know/do if you want to marry an Italian here in Italy.

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‘Nduja: spicing it up in the South of Italy

If spicy food gets your stomach rumbling, look no further than Calabria’s most famous export for a real taste of the fiery South.  This spicy sausage, locally known as the ‘Calabrian aphrodisiac’ is as addictive as the region itself and whether heated and spread on crusty bread or added to your pasta, ‘nduja will spark a fire inside even the bravest of eaters.

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