Stylish Stilo

I don’t know about you but when I think of Italian villages I imagine picturesque hamlets of cobbled streets and crumbling brickwork, punctuated by church spires and little old ladies dressed in black hanging out their washing. I imagine old men sitting outside their houses in the narrow streets on fold down chairs, playing cards, smoking cigarettes and arguing loudly as they gesticulate like mad. This is exactly what I stumbled upon the first time I visited Stilo. Continue reading “Stylish Stilo”


Travelling to Italy with kids? Your guide to what to pack

When it comes to packing the family suitcase for a holiday abroad with kids, sometimes it requires military precision.  I was born forgetful and despite all of my best intentions I know I’m bound to forget something somewhat crucial on every trip I take.  Take our recent trip to Venice for example, I forgot the baby carrier.  No big deal, I hear you say. Wrong. It’s a city of canals.  Me and my husband were forced to lug a pram up and down 600,000,000 bridges while hundreds of happy, contented parents eyed us smugly whilst comfortably wearing their bundles of joy.

Continue reading “Travelling to Italy with kids? Your guide to what to pack”

Intriguing Italian wedding traditions 

Amore. Such a beautiful word. Even saying it feels romantic.  For me, when it came to choosing where to get married it went without saying that of course I’d marry here in Calabria. I had in my mind the image of a warm afternoon outdoors, the sweet smell of flowers and beautiful music playing. So that’s what I did. Like every bride I’m sure, I … Continue reading Intriguing Italian wedding traditions