Why Calabria is the perfect destination for a family holiday

On a recent trip back to Blighty I realised that having had a baby there is a whole world that opens up to you (family changing rooms being one) but also a whole world which is now off limits. Living in Calabria has made me forget how in some countries there are certain situations where, to put it bluntly, kids simply aren’t welcome. Travelling with little ones is stressful and the quest for the perfect family holiday is a tough one. At this time of year when thoughts are firmly on where to visit this summer I thought I’d explain why I think Calabria is the perfect destination for a family holiday.

Family Friendly


Firstly and most importantly, Calabria, like all of Italy, is child friendly. This is the country of family. There is no such thing as kids not being welcome anywhere. As I mentioned in this article a visit to Calabria means people bending over backwards to entertain and help you with your children.  Beach lidos have children’s play areas or kids clubs so you can soak up the rays safe in the knowledge that they’ll be entertained, restaurants will accommodate any dietary needs and hotels and B&Bs are geared towards families.

You can enjoy your evenings

 Evenings in Calabria

Most of Calabrian nightlife takes place in the piazzas up and down the region. Filled with tables extending across pedestrianised piazzas you will see kids playing together until all hours. Allowing you to relax and people watch as your kids play in front of you.  It is refreshing to see families of all ages enjoying their evening passeggiata at midnight!

Plenty to do


For families Calabria really is paradise as it’s packed full of different places to visit or activities you can partake in.  From skiing in the winter, visiting dinosaur world, sea kayaking, canyoning, swinging through a forest canopy, kitesurfing, exploring the various sagre or ticking off the numerous beaches, there is always something to enjoy for you and your family.

It’s safe


There is very little petty crime in Southern Italy, it has one of the lowest crime rates in Southern Europe. And, owing to the fact it’s not an overdeveloped tourist resort there aren’t scammers or tourist traps so you won’t fall victim to the usual holiday scams that you experience in other holiday destinations.

For a guide of what to bring with you check out my guide to travelling to Italy with kids.




4 thoughts on “Why Calabria is the perfect destination for a family holiday

  1. It’s like you said, in some countries children are not as welcome as in others. When my friend visited me from Canada two years ago here in Greece she was overwhelmed with how nice people were to her and her toddler. She had just been visiting family in Germany before, and she said there was a world of difference in the behavior.

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