Baby Yoga with a View

Bringing up a baby is difficult. More so perhaps in Calabria because of the lack of support for new mums. While my friends in England wax lyrical about NCT groups, sensory play and baby music, here in Southern Italy there is nothing of the sort. Whereas young mothers in England cling to each other to understand what they’re doing right or wrong, in Italy family serves that purpose but it sadly means that new mums can end up feeling slightly isolated and dare I say it bored. When a friend of mine told me she was organising a baby yoga course I, understandably, jumped for joy. Continue reading “Baby Yoga with a View”


More free nursery printables

My little one is growing fast, nothing seems to fit her anymore and so, that means just one thing,  it’s time to change up her nursery art.  If you are looking for some inspiration, look no further than this beautiful collection of free nursery printables I’ve gathered together from around the interweb. Click on the picture to go to the site, download, print, frame, display … Continue reading More free nursery printables

The little things

I imagined motherhood to be pretty similar to how it is in yoghurt adverts.  A gorgeous well-manicured, fashionably dressed, perfect-haired, youthful looking mum (which would obviously be me) scooping up smiling, adoring children as they migrate from room to room in their scandinavian-styled spotless house. Sure there’s toys everywhere but even those are trendy and well placed and hey, that’s the sign of a well-lived in home. Right?

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things noone tells you about becoming a parent

7 things noone tells you about becoming a parent

Becoming a parent is the most unequivocal life-changing event that most of us will ever encounter.  Our bodies were designed to be pregnant for 9 months for a reason; to give us time to get to grips with what is about to happen and to make sure that we can get as much sleep as we possibly can before the big event. But no amount of parenting books or ante-natal classes can ever really prepare us for what’s about to come literally kicking and screaming into our lives.  So what can we expect? Continue reading “7 things noone tells you about becoming a parent”

Becoming a mum: year one

The last year has flown by in a flurry of nappies, sleepless nights, endless photos, late night cuddles, what-the-hell-am-i-doing? moments and love so strong I didn’t know it existed.  And despite the bags under my eyes, the extra kilos, the sleep deprived bickering and the not-so-attractive bits which I’m sure weren’t like that before, I’m proud (and relieved) to say that we have survived year one.  I am now the proud owner mother of a hyperactive toddler and a new chapter of mishaps and misadventure lies before me. So what have I learnt? Continue reading “Becoming a mum: year one”

Travelling to Italy with kids? Your guide to what to pack

When it comes to packing the family suitcase for a holiday abroad with kids, sometimes it requires military precision.  I was born forgetful and despite all of my best intentions I know I’m bound to forget something somewhat crucial on every trip I take.  Take our recent trip to Venice for example, I forgot the baby carrier.  No big deal, I hear you say. Wrong. It’s a city of canals.  Me and my husband were forced to lug a pram up and down 600,000,000 bridges while hundreds of happy, contented parents eyed us smugly whilst comfortably wearing their bundles of joy.

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Bringing up a baby in Calabria

Having taken a break from the blog while I had a baby I’m happy to be back!  What a roller coaster it has been, lots and lots of smiles and very little sleep! Bringing up a baby in Calabria has taught me some valuable lessons that I can’t wait to share with you. Like everything in life there are positives and there are negatives but … Continue reading Bringing up a baby in Calabria