Seafood and Sea Monsters in Scilla 

When it comes to places which hold a special place in my heart Scilla is one of them. It’s hard to visit this seaside town and not be enchanted by its many charming aspects.  From the robust castle perched high above the beach to the cobbled narrow streets of Chianalea, Scilla has many reasons to merit a visit or even a mortgage! Continue reading “Seafood and Sea Monsters in Scilla “


How to enjoy a trip to the beach Calabrese style

Summer has finally arrived here in Calabria and what an entrance it has made! It’s strutted its stuff, reached for the sunglasses and firmly planted itself here ready to get temperatures sweltering and making doing anything virtually impossible. There are two tell-tale signs that we are in full-swing;  1) the shopping centres are empty, not a single pedicured, high-heeled, stilettoed foot is parading in giro and 2)  in schools the students are dwindling, staring wide-eyed out the window and dreaming of the beach, even their fidget spinners aren’t helping. As towns empty the beaches fill up, especially here in Calabria where the beaches are its pride and joy. However, like all good things in Italy there is a certain etiquette or unwritten code that you must adopt if you want to enjoy the beach Calabrese style… Continue reading “How to enjoy a trip to the beach Calabrese style”

Why Calabria is the perfect destination for a family holiday

On a recent trip back to Blighty I realised that having had a baby there is a whole world that opens up to you (family changing rooms being one) but also a whole world which is now off limits. Living in Calabria has made me forget how in some countries there are certain situations where, to put it bluntly, kids simply aren’t welcome. Travelling with little ones is stressful and the quest for the perfect family holiday is a tough one. At this time of year when thoughts are firmly on where to visit this summer I thought I’d explain why I think Calabria is the perfect destination for a family holiday.

Continue reading “Why Calabria is the perfect destination for a family holiday”