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Italian cocktails to sip this summer

I’m melting. The temperature’s rising and my energy levels are plummeting. As a weather warning has just been issued with temperatures threatening to hit 40 degrees in the next few days, the only thing to remedy the heat is an ice cool cocktail. Here are some of my favourites that fit perfectly with an Italian summer.  Get your ice cubes ready! Continue reading “Italian cocktails to sip this summer”


Gnocchi con pesce spada e zucchine

Gnocchi with swordfish and courgettes Swordfish is the much loved, national fish of Calabria. Still hunted traditionally, there are hundreds of recipes for delicious swordfish dishes from every corner of Calabria. My favourite is this beautifully fresh and yet creamy gnocchi, made with courgettes and parsley. It’s delicious, one bite and you’ll add it to your recipe book! Ingredients You will need (Serves 4): Sword fish, … Continue reading Gnocchi con pesce spada e zucchine

The Art of Aperitivo

Effortless Style.  Those two words seem to epitomise the Italian race. It’s in their genes. And me, plagued with my inherited English awkwardness can just look on and admire how an entire population can manage to do even the simplest, mundane of tasks with such effortless elegance.  An excellent example of this is Aperitivo, or as the average Brit would call it pre-dinner drinks. Whereas the English settle for a lukewarm pint and a packet of cheese and onion while slightly shivering on a bench in a pub garden the Italians have managed to make the whole thing into an event, peppered with inviting words like “spritz” and “stuzzichini”.

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‘Nduja: spicing it up in the South of Italy

If spicy food gets your stomach rumbling, look no further than Calabria’s most famous export for a real taste of the fiery South.  This spicy sausage, locally known as the ‘Calabrian aphrodisiac’ is as addictive as the region itself and whether heated and spread on crusty bread or added to your pasta, ‘nduja will spark a fire inside even the bravest of eaters.

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